Energy Audit

What is an energy audit?

One of some very important issues nowadays is energy saving and energy efficiency.

5 benefits of Energy Audit:

  1. It allows you to estimate your current irrational expanses.
  2. It helps you to define ways to save money.
  3. It’s FREE!
  4. We will count your future savings on the basis of changes made.
  5. We will provide you a full report of what you have got at the current moment, what you can change and what you will have after changing your energy system.

Energy audit is for those who is oriented on the dynamical development, expenses reduce and being environmentally friendly in general.

Energy audit is a collection, estimation and analysis of the usage of energy resources, lighting fixtures and electrical system efficiency.

The main purpose of energy audit is to expose the sources of irrational expanses and develop the energy system taking this analysis as a basis.

What do you need it for?

Energy audit will help you to figure out how much money you can save on electricity with LED lighting. You most likely will be surprised with the estimation results. Despite the first higher price of LED lighting fixtures they will prove their efficiency and economic value shortly.

LED lighting is much efficient and useful investment in your business because of the low energy and commercial expanses.

Free Energy Audit by VITLAMPS.

VITLAMPS provides FREE Energy Audit for your business.

We will collect all the necessary information. Estimate current expenses. Analyze estimations, expanses and further savings.

If you are interested in FREE Energy Audit, let us know and we will come to your office and numbers will talk for themselves.

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