LED Corn Lights

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Corn Lights in Sacramento and Bay Area

The new LED light sources confidently come on the heels of old technologies - tubular "housekeeper" and filament lamps already seem to be just the dinosaurs on the background of new lighting technologies. LED lamps are more compact, more economical and durable.

Our company VITLAMPS presents one of the most interesting models of LED Lights - Corn Lights. They are an excellent economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional forms of lighting.

Advantages of Corn Light

One of the main advantages of Corn Lights is lighting "in all directions".  Light-emitting diodes arranged in the cylinder surface as maize corn on the cob. It provides a circular illumination. These lamps can be used both at home and for lighting the streets, garages, restaurants, hotels, offices.

LED Corn turns on quickly, does not flicker, it doesn’t create noise when running and does not create noise during operation. Average life of LED lamps is up to 50 000 hours, which more than 50 times exceeds the time of conventional incandescent lamps and 5 times exceeds the time of the "housekeeper." You can reduce energy consumption drastically when using LED Corn lamps and save the expenses because of longer service life of such a lamp.

Configuration of Corn Lights

The diodes are evenly positioned on aluminum strips (which serve as heat sink for removal of heat output). Lamp housing made of durable and heat-resistant plastic PBT-plastic, with special ventilation ducts. It ensures excellent heat dissipation and heat to 20% less, compared with conventional LED lamps. The lamp emits a smooth neutral white light.

It is very important to say that this lamp does not contain toxic and hazardous substances which may cause damage to the environment and the human body. So, using these Lamps you will save ecology of our planet. These lamps are perfectly safe and harmless, even for infants.

VITLAMPS will supply your with Corn Lights, install them, and help with all the paperwork to rebate. You will get the opportunity to return part of your money, which will further increase savings, as well as you get quality service and guarantee.

We are always ready to cooperate. You can write us on Facebook, contact our managers, call us or e-mail. We are looking forward to your questions!