LED Gas Station Lights

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Gas stations are one of the most popular places for drivers. A high number of visitors largely depends on outward design achieved with different kinds of lighting quality. For this reason, many owners purchase and install Energy-Saving lamps for the Gas Station. They help not only to save costs on electricity costs, but also provide quality illumination of all the territory. Our company VITLAMPS offers to consider the production of lighting fixtures, which embodies the innovation and quality.

The advantages of LED Gas Station Lights

  • saving of finance and electricity. All fixtures that are equipped with LEDs, consume ten times less energy than lighting fixtures equipped with an incandescent lamp
  • the strength and durability. It is provided by an aluminum frame and steel frame.
  • uniform light output. It is achieved through a lens of optical polycarbonate.
  • it does not require additional maintenance. The power supply can be replaced without disassembling the structure.
  • meet high-temperature requirements.

Requirements for LED Gas Station Lights

LED Gas Station Lights must meet certain requirements.

First of all, safety. Luminaries should have a higher degree of protection from any external influences and meet all the requirements of electrical and fire safety.

Second, the quality of light. The light should be bright enough, but not blinding for drivers in any case.

Finally, the appearance of lamps is also significant. It should organically fit into the design of the gas station, without prejudice to the corporate identity of the oil and gas company.

All these requirements are fully compliant with LED lamps for Gas stations. They have almost the maximum degree of protection against moisture and solids, which ensures stable operation in rain, hail, blizzards, and other extreme weather events. The anodized aluminum housing protects the lamps from corrosive chemicals and eliminates the possibility of corrosion. LED luminaries for gas stations have a directional light flux, which provides the necessary level of illumination. LED lamps fit perfectly into any design project with its modern and sleek design and relatively small size. Our company has made sure that our products meet the highest requirements and standards.

Sustainability of LED Gas Station Lights

LED lights from VITLAMPS do not contain mercury. It will be hard to find a better solution for the gas station lighting, than the use of LED lights if asking questions of ecology. They are made from materials that are safe for the environment and human beings; they will not cause harm to health and contribute to making the world cleaner. When it comes to quality standards, the most optimal choice concerning efficiency and regarding environmental friendliness for the lighting of gas station will be LED lights from VITLAMPS! You can use Vitlamps to buy LED Lights for gas stations in Sacramento and Bay Area!

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